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Diamonds on the Web

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If you have started with the daunting task of shopping for diamonds on the web, you have probably discovered how difficult it is to figure out who offers the best price for diamonds. It can be quite a pain to keep going from site to site, running individual searches on each one and then trying to compare results in several different browser windows.


Shopping for a diamond requires additional details that different websites are not able to display. If you can't see the cut, color, and clarity of diamonds side by side, then the search results are useless. You should search the diamonds by shape, weight, color, clarity, and price.


Did you ever imagine that the diamond inventory you see at one online diamond vendor is the same as many other online vendors? How is this possible? Actually these are competing companies, so how can they be selling the same exact diamonds? Simple --they don't have any inventory!!!


This is the mechanism behind the world of diamonds on the web. Retailers get lists of available diamonds from wholesalers around the country. Those wholesalers give the retailers a cost price and the retailers decide how high to mark each diamond. The difference in price between retailers can be as much as $10,000 for a large diamond! The retailers will then post that diamond to their online inventory--the exact same diamond, same shape, weight, cut, color, clarity, table width, total depth and measurements. But the price which you will pay will be different in different sites.


You can find very rare and unique diamonds on the Internet. You should be very careful when you order diamonds. Do remember to carefully examine the diamond and its color and order it online. Book your diamonds on the web and get it delivered to your doorstep.


Loose Diamonds Wholesale

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Loose diamonds are one of the most beautiful stones in this world. It has attracted man since ages. It is perfect for everybody whether you're a gentleman looking for the perfect diamond for your loved ones or a lady browsing for stylish and elegant piece. It is gaining popularity because of the different colors, sizes, and shapes it is abundantly found in. People these days go in search for diamonds in a wholesale shop and choose a variety of them which are effectively low in prices.


In order to attract customers, different styles are applied to loose diamonds. The most important advantage of buying these pieces is that they are directly brought from the manufacturers and owners. You can save nearly 30 percent of your money thereby cutting down your cost. But, also keep in mind while buying, it has got the 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat. These four aspects of grading a loose diamond allow a buyer to decide its worth.


Simultaneously, buyers must look for cuts that enhance the radiance of the diamond at its best as well as the color grade. Color means the amount of yellow touch which is present in a loose diamond. The flaws in the diamond are determined by its clarity. It is judged by the number, color, type, size, and position of inclusion it carries. It is always important to choose the wholesale loose diamonds that has fewer inclusions. When we speak of carat, it refers to the weight of the diamond.


Apart from that, there are other advantages also. You can inspect the quality of diamond easily because it is difficult to assess the quality of a diamond when it is in a setting. You can design the style and type of jewelry according to your suitability and you do not have to be satisfied with a setting that is not really suitable. The other most important factor is that you can also control the price range of the most expensive part of jewelry.


There are many websites through which you can make a search for diamonds. It is beneficial to have a look at the real stone instead of buying it online. And your priority always should be to go to a top quality jeweler and not a chain as you are more likely to do. And also remember, the glow and radiance can be seen only when you see the diamond from a close range. So, get loose diamonds wholesale and gift it to your loved ones.


Loose Fancy Diamonds

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So you are looking for loose fancy diamonds? In these days fancy diamonds are becoming more and more demand. People have got a great deal of interest in fancy diamonds and they are ready to spay anything to get the best kind of it.


You can find fancy yellow diamond, blue diamond, fancy colored diamond, black diamond, pink and pinkish diamonds. There are also other fancy color diamonds which are found in the market. These fancy diamonds adds a great zeal to our dressing sense. The most important advantage of buying loose fancy diamonds is that they are directly brought from the manufacturers and owners. So you are able to save nearly 30 percent of your money by purchasing these fancy diamonds.


Always look for the 4 C’s which are cut, clarity, color, and carat. These four aspects of grading a loose diamond allow a buyer to decide its worth. The radiance of the diamond is enhanced by its cuts. So you should always focus on its cuts before buying them. Color is the amount of yellow touch which is present in the fancy loose diamond.


The flaw of the diamond is determined by its clarity which is judged by the number, color, type, size, and position of inclusion it carries. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond.


Loose fancy diamonds can be ordered online too. You can find a lot of websites where you can choose from the wide range of loose fancy diamonds. So book your order now and you will get your order delivered to your doorstep within no time.


Loose Diamonds For Sale

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If you are in love and if your girl friend means “a world” to you, then express your love with something special that has the potential to mesmerize her instantly and provide immense joy to her. Diamonds are loved by girls, and the famous punch line that says, “Diamonds are girl’s best friend” has created importance of diamonds.


Among all diamonds, loose diamonds are valued because you have the luxury to choose your own diamond and then get it attached on your favorite metal. These diamonds are of highest quality and have the same glow as that of those found in retail stores. Diamonds can be bought in bulk. Owing to its different colors, sizes, and shapes it is gaining popularity. People can go for loose diamonds and choose a diverse range of them which are effectively priced.


You can find a whole range of loose diamonds ranging in shapes, sizes, and colors. Different styles are applied to these diamonds in order to attract customers. The most important advantage of buying loose diamonds is that they can be brought directly from the manufacturers and owners. You can save nearly 30 percent of your money thereby reducing your cost. 


When you buy diamonds, make sure that it has got the 4 Cs-- cut, color, clarity, and carat. These four aspects of grading a loose diamond allow a buyer to decide its worth. The radiance of the diamond is enhanced by its cuts. So the buyer needs to focus on its cuts before buying them.


Clarity determines the flaws in the diamond. It is judged by the number, color, type, size, and position of inclusion it carries. It is always important to choose the loose diamond that has fewer inclusions.


You can buy these glittering pieces from the Internet too. In this internet driven world, you can find that most of the jewelers have their own website and through this medium, they do online business. On most of these online sites, you can find loose diamonds on sale!! There are many websites through which you can make a search for these precious stones. And you can do it from the luxury of your drawing room and that to at the click of a mouse button. Have a look at these exciting stones. Get loose diamonds and add it to your necklace or favorite jewelry.


To end with, it can be said that loose diamonds will keep on tempting both men and women forever.


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Buying Diamond Jewelry!

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Buying any exquisite jewelry is not an easy task and if it a diamond jewelry than don’t take it lightly anyways. Doing a thorough research is a must otherwise you end up in paying huge credit interest for rest of your life. Just brush up with some authentic diamond jewelry literature as it‘ll be easy to navigate in the wide domain of diamond jewelry.


Buy your Diamond Jewelry with Confidence


The four C’s of diamond is the magic spells that enable you to find your best stone. The four C's stands for: carat, cut, color, and clarity. Carat measures the size of diamonds. 1 carat is equal to 100 points. Big size diamonds are rare and make quite expensive jewelry. Cut enhance the beauty and shine of this precious stone. Don’t confuse cut of a diamond with its shapes. Through cut we enhance the amount of light reflected through it and increase its radiance. A fine cut diamond sparkle light just like a shining star. The popular shapes are Heart, Princess, and Round, Oval, Pear, Triangle and radiant. A colorlessness is characteristic of a best color of a diamond. Light reflected through diamond is scattered into all rainbow color. Shades of brown and yellow are also available and they are quite affordable. Shades of yellow or brown in any diamonds show the presence of minute amount of elements like nitrogen in the carbon crystal framework. Last is clarity, brilliance in the radiance of any diamond is determined its flawless beauty.  Clarity of diamonds is influenced by the presence of color, size, position and number of inclusions or popularly known as “nature’s birthmarks”. Blemishes are also commonly found flaws on the surface of diamonds. It plays a vital role while deciding the price of this precious stone.


Just follow these 4 C’s and add glaze and luxury of diamond to your life. 


The other thing to ponder while shopping for diamond jewelry is the diamond setting. Some diamonds are set in inexpensive or flatly designed settings.


Internet is the best place to shop for low price and great collection of some excellent and affordable diamond jewelry .Online shopping will leave you with an experience that lasts.


For the best prices and widest selection on Jewelry visit JewelBasket.com


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Lavish, sparkling and smooth are the synonyms of diamonds. It is not only their eternal beauty that forces a person to acquire them but the value that these stones carry due to their rareness.  So, if you want someone to make special and distinguish go for a glittering diamond. Believe me, you don’t need any words, its spark and light will say every thing.


Women and diamonds are said to be complementary to each other. Their association is like different and beautiful colors in a painting which enhances its beauty and gives a new meaning to it.  No doubt, diamonds are considered girl’s best friend as its beauty and light gives an added value to her personality. Women feel a sense of greatness and richness with diamonds. That’s why every women love to have diamond as gifts. They are always eager to add variety of diamond in their collection. Therefore, most of diamond selling companies keep women as their centre. 


Diamond is really scare and costly and their value increases tremendously because of their clarity and cut. It simply means the price of diamond increases with its clarity. The price of diamond also depends on the cut and design it possesses. A complex and heavy design is costlier than a simple design as diamond is difficult to cut. A small mistake in cut can ruin the whole piece. The color of the diamond also decides its worth. There are different natural-colored diamonds that are available in the market. Yellow, white, orange, brown, blue, red and pink diamonds are those rare forms which are far from vicinity. Nowadays, green diamond is also in fashion. Due to their scarcity, pink and green diamonds are really difficult to locate in showrooms. Because of the clarity and size, colorless and clear crystal diamond is rarest and most expensive diamond available on earth. If you are going for buying a diamond, try to understand its worth and value.


Weight is also a major factor in deciding the worth of a diamond. Normally, showroom people do not reveal the correct weight of the listed diamond to earn profit. To protect innocent buyers from any kind of cheating, an international authority has been set up to monitor the business of diamonds. They ensure that a customer should get their money’s worth.


Diamonds are not only that they actually appear as they are more than that. From a bright and vivacious beauty to a personality adder they make you feel special and tall.


Mens Jewelry

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While watches are the prime accessory for men, the glitter and glamour of beautiful and sparkling stones and gems in forms of thongs, bracelets, neck wears, pendants, rings and cufflinks studded in different metals are also gaining popularity these days.


Generally women are associated with jewelry because of their beauty and desire, but the remnants of early civilizations show that during that time men used. Earlier kings and executives used to wear different jewelries that symbolize their power and status in society that continues till date.


Jewelries available for men:

Nowadays, designer jewelries for men are there in market, designed specially keeping the nature and requirement of men in mind. Jewelry in forms of thongs, rings, neck wears, tie-bands, bracelets, charms, brooches, cufflinks and earrings made in different metals are available for fulfilling the need and preference of men. There is a myriad choice for menswear jewelry to touch the hearts of men.


Today’s men are not only fashion conscious but equally trendy in their appearance and looks. They wear neck wears, bracelets and earrings boldly to suit their hairs or eyes; it makes them remarkably exclusive than others. With a fine touch of matching cufflinks and tie-bands men look more masculine. It enhances their powerful and strong image among others.


Neck wears in silver and gold are the most common jewel preferred by men. Mostly, 24 carat gold is understood as the standard for making a neck wear but due to its softness, 10 carat gold is used in making neck wear. Silver neck wears for men are also leaving its impressions on the minds of jewelry lovers because of its classic look.


Earring has emerged as the one of the popular form of men’s jewelry. With its cool and carefree styling and meaning, these earrings are becoming hot favorites among youth’s and people who desire something extraordinary. Available in different sizes, varieties and metals, numerous men earrings also reflects the coolness and tough attitude of men.


Nowadays, wedding bands for men are getting popularity as the idea of wearing wedding band symbolizes the stability and prosperity of males. These bands are really trendy and match with ladies rings. Generally, it comes in combination with ladies rings and slightly thicker than women’s ring. Available in different metals and stones, these bands show the real toughness and obscure nature of men.


The association of women and jewellery is well known but the relationship of men and their jewellery is also universal and evergreen. The option is infinite and style is just mind blowing.


Buy Diamond Earrings

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“Diamond are girl’s best friend”, this phrase shows the unbreakable association of diamonds with women folk. Over the years, it has won their hearts with its brilliant light, spark and lavish glow. Existed as one of the most precious and expensive stone, diamond are highly appraisable and desirable. Diamonds in the form of neck wears, pendants, rings and brooches are available in the market to memorize its specialty to treasure for ever.


Diamond earrings are the most versatile and wonderful accessory that can give an aristocratic look. It goes perfectly with any dress or any hairstyle and adds different shine and glamour in your overall personality. It can be also worn as a daily wear jewel as it is hard and resistant to any kind of scratches. Therefore, diamond earrings are the most wanted jewel among women.


The most common form of diamond earrings is diamond stud that is normally small in shape and protected by a screw that is attached at the end of the earring with a diamond fixed on its centre. Mainly, princess cut and round cut is popular in this category that enhances the look by reflecting its glaze on its wearer.


Traditional hoop earrings and huggy style earrings are also making their mark in diamond market these days. Diamond hoops are generally larger than studs and create their strong visual impact. They come in different styles and sizes; latest being the combination of hoops with a necklace that carry diamonds in the front and back as well. Similar as hoop earrings, huggy style earrings are also large in size and can be wear without a clasp. They look elegant and stylist and enhances the radiance of the face by covering both sides of the ears.


There are different shapes in diamond earrings are available in the market such as round, emerald, princess, oval, marquis and pear that give an excellent touch of beauty to these earrings. Primarily, round cut is the most admired and favored shape in diamond earrings among women as they look classy and gorgeous and compliments their personality equally.


So, it is also a best item for gifts too. It is fit for those who have a class in their taste and quality and who wants everything to be perfect and best. Above all, it is ideal way to say you love and care for her and she is precious and as expensive as this stone called diamond.


Diamond Necklaces

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Diamond with their eternal shine and beauty is always in demand. They are epitome of beauty’s refinement and elegance that looks really well on its wearer. One of the most beautiful expressions of diamond is diamond neck wears that reflects its charm brilliantly and wonderfully.


This brilliance and charm of diamond necklaces are designed in different ways that expresses different feelings and opinions. It also gives a modified fondness of carrying a dress. For enhancing the look you can go for heart neck wears, diamond cross necklaces and other styles in neck wears that are available in the market to cater the interest of special and distinguished people, who eyes best for themselves.


From last two thousand years, the fashion of wearing diamond cross necklaces has been followed. You can find lots of designs in diamond necklaces that represent deep faith in the religion. Beautiful crafted diamonds in silver, gold and platinum embedded in different colored diamonds hang magnificently in a chain that catches the attention very easily. It is one of the most popular formats of diamond neck wears among its wearers.


Treating oneself with a heart necklaces in diamond are the true reward for your sense of luxury and sophistication. It is also a true idiom of love and commitment for your partner. A well crafted design and pattern in diamond hearts are not only striking but reveal an all new gorgeous face of the neck wear. You can also get some real stuff like a well crafted and designed neck wear in diamond made in rubies and emeralds or in sapphires that enhances personality and personal glow of its wearer.


So, if you planning to buy a diamond neck wear choose that distinguish you from others with its exclusive design, color and pattern. Nowadays, shopping from an online jewelry store has emerged as a good option. Here, you can find numerous designs, sizes and varieties according to the size of your pocket.  Apart from other regular designs, you can also treat yourself with an antique or estate jewelry set in diamond that matches your aristocratic tastes. Moreover, it is also a very economical source to get your favorite jewels too.


Diamond necklaces are the definite jewelry piece to showcase your brilliance and modishness. It makes you look sexier and acts as a perfect term of your distinctive personality, without a word it defines a person wonderfully and effectively.  


Buy Diamond

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Diamond is one of the rare and expensive stone that is really desirable and valuable. With its glittering shine and lavishness in style, diamonds are always a great piece to treasure it for throughout the life. Normally, the value and worth of diamond is calculated on the basis of its clarity, cut, color and carat or weight. Once you get aware of these 4 c’s, it becomes easier to choose a right and perfect diamond that reflects its charm and beauty brilliantly.


Clarity, cut, color and carat complete the 4’c of diamond that ensures its actual worth of a diamond. Here, clarity refers to the clearness of the diamond i.e. the transparency as well as the size and varieties of the diamond. Cut refers to symmetry, finish, polish and depth of the stone which determines its brilliance. The rareness of colors in diamond also affect the price of a diamond as blue, pink, yellow diamonds are really limited and hard to locate thus increasing the price of the diamond. Carat or weight of the diamond is also a major influencing factor in fixing a price of a diamond as price increases with an increase in weight.


Now, when you are sure about these 4c’s, locating a good and suitable diamond for your choice becomes easier. You can go to different sellers and compare the prices of the same piece. Just match the stone with your understanding and needs. For making an effective purchase, you can also go for loose stones as they are economical and vivid in their varieties. From there, you can pick your favorite stone with its color and get it fixed in your preferred design and metal. You can also order a diamond of your choice if it is not available in their store, they will deliver your order in their next lot.


Nowadays, online jewelry purchases are also becoming a hot market. It is a great collection of different varieties of diamonds available in affordable price and great designs.


So, try to learn about 4 c’s correctly and accurately as they will ensure your search for a good diamond. Check the guarantee card and other certificates very well to make sure their clarity, cut, carat and color specifications. See, if it is a suitable piece for your beloved or the person you are intended to gift as it is that brilliant and lavish piece of jewel that a person cherish for her entire life.